Natural Ways to Boost The Lymphatic System

Ever wonder how the body cleanses, regulates, and filers itself of dangerous toxins and waste?

The lymphatic system is the body’s natural mechanism designed for this specific reason, as a way of draining toxins and waste out of the body. The lymphatic operates as the body’s natural sanitation system, therefore playing an important role in detoxifying and regulating the body of what it no longer needs.

However, many people, find themselves with backed up lymphatic systems, where the body’s drainage system is failing to function the way it should. Leading to increased levels of toxicity and waste which begin to build up and can cause many health issues, including constipation, headaches, skin irritation or acne, sore throats, and other disease.

Typically, when dissecting disease and the root cause of such issues, it is often derived from the problems presented by increased inflammation, resulting from toxicity and acidosis in the body.

The lymphatic system allows for the filtration of toxins that if backed up, lead to inflammation, proving how vital it is in regulating the overall wellness of the body. Before jumping into what we can do to activate and begin to super charge the lymphatic system to work at its best, lets dive into what are some common reasons why they lymphatic system becomes backed up in the first place.

What are some common reasons for a backed up lymph?

  • Sedentary Lifestyle: The lymphatic system functions best when the body is moving. When living a lifestyle dominated by a lack of movement, the lymphatic has a hard time regulating itself.
  • Dehydration: Lack of hydration is a lead cause in why many people suffer from a backed up lymphatic system. Dehydration is known to cause disruption in the drainage of the lymphatic.
  • Stress: Stress and increased adrenal fatigue can often result in problems with the lymphatic system, where it builds up acidic hormones in the body, which causes issues with the lymphatic.
  • Gut Dysbiosis: Poor diet, consumption, and nutrition can lead to issues and toxins building up in the gut, making it harder for the body to absorb the proper nutrients it needs due to an impaired gut microbiome, allowing acid toxicity to grow, and then therefore backing up the lymph.
  • Chemical Exposures: The body is constantly exposed to harmful chemicals, often found in skin and hair products, foods, pesticides, and in polluted areas, making it that much harder for the body to detoxify and the lymphatic system to function properly.

How can I detox my lymphatic system for better health?

Detoxifying the lymphatic system will allow your body to begin cleansing and reducing the toxic burdens that a backed up lymph can have on your health. There are many ways to begin to reboot the lymphatic system to functioning the way it should, but requires effort and lifestyle changes in order to do so. The lymphatic system does not operate as the heart does, always pumping and moving new blood throughout the body on its own. However, it requires us to practice healthy habits and movement, to support the lymph and allow it to function how it should.

  • Practice Mindful Breathing

Many of us do not realize or know how to take an actual deep breathe. Mindful breathing means taking breathes with focus and intention, feeling the lungs fill up to their very lowest point, filling up completely. Most people, commonly mistakenly breathe only surfacing the top part of their lungs, failing to deliver the greatest amount of oxygen to the body and therefore support the lymphatic system. Shallow breathing, or mindless breathing, can lead to lymphatic congestion, so remember to take mindful breathes. Doing so in sets of 10 reps at a time can be good practice, to condition yourself to take breathes that better serve you and your health.

  • Hydration and Electrolyte

One of the biggest factors leading to a clogged lymphatic system, as well as poor health, is chronic dehydration. The human body weight is composed of over 70% water, showing the importance of fluids and its ability to cleanse the body as is needed. Look at the human vessel as a filtration system, always filtering out excess waters, that which is not good for the body, or what it does not need, in order to allow it to replenish itself with nutrients and fluids that are. Furthermore, drinking water is only part of the battle, as in order to achieve proper intracellular hydration necessary for well-functioning cells, electrolytes are a must. Most fail to realize, that water in its plain form, does not provide the electrolytes needed to fully power our cells. Therefore, to better hydrate and power the lymphatic system, couple water with juice, raw fruits, or coconut water, to provide cells with an abundance of electrolytes to enhance and satisfy hydration throughout the body.

  • Exercise, Move, and Get a Sweat!

Although, what may seem like an obvious response to cleansing and boosting the lymphatic system, movement is one of the most important factors that enable the lymph to begin pumping out of a state of congestion. Muscle activity, particularly large muscles, play a vital role in the health of the lymph. Even, something as simple as walking, stretching, or jumping, can do wonders for the lymphatic system. In a modern day and age of computers and sedentary workstyles, it is more important than ever to make sure to take time out of the day to move the body, exercise and stress muscles, and most importantly get a sweat. Sweating is an essential component to lymphatic drainage, as the skin excretes toxins and fluids similar to the kidneys, stimulated by the lymph and blood.

  • Focus on Eating Whole Foods

Processed foods and sugars can be a detriment to the lymphatic system and the body’s ability to detox. Refined sugars boost the acidity within the body and build up inflammation, leading to a backed up lymphatic system and potential disease. Eating whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, can provide a tremendous boost nutrients and antioxidants throughout the body. Whole foods, high in antioxidants, purify the lymph and blood, enabling the body to better cleanse itself and detoxify.