Functional Medicine

Advanced Natural Medicine
of Jupiter

Michelle Carrillo-Massa, MD

Using Advanced Natural Medicine To Make A Difference.

To feel alive is to feel like yourself once again.  Our health is what allows us to live, journey, and prosper in a life that is so precious and sacred.  At Advanced Natural Medicine of Jupiter, we focus on looking past all limitations, seeking our best to make connections and provide the natural health measures and therapies necessary to get patients to feel like themselves, and alive once again.

Services and Therapies

EDTA Chelation

Reverse heart disease & improve circulation

Mercury Detoxification

Proper testing & removal of cell-destroying toxins

Digestion & Gut Dysbiosis

Prevent illness by correcting imbalance in the GI System

Brain Health

Combat Memory Loss With Natural Medicine Therapies

IV Therapies

Rapidly build immune & adrenal strength

Cholesterol Myth

Prevent and treat heart disease with natural medicine

Hormone Imbalance

Bio-identical hormones naturally improve quality of life


Increase energy & vitality with natural medicine

Nutritional IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a trusted and proven therapy to help treat issues spanning from dehydration, headaches, high blood pressure, and many other health issues.  At Advanced Natural Medicine, our IVs are administered by Professional Nurses who care and are passionate about the health benefits that coincide with Nutritional IV Therapy.


"I was diagnosed with intermittent claudication, couldn't walk more than 100 feet without severe pain in my calves, and my sleep was disturbed by excruciating pain. Since taking chelation I can now play my golf game without pain, walk longer distances, sleep all night, and I look and feel better. Chelation therapy has turned my life around."
Edward Ott
Age 82
"For over one year I was in terrible pain with Lupus and couldn’t bet out of bed. The doctors gave me little hope and had me on many drugs. I just got worse until they wanted to pump me full of steroids. I said ‘NO!” and instead I chose chelation. Soon after starting chelation I noticed improvement for the first time and continued to improve until the Lupus is completely gone! Now I work full time, play with my kids and look and feel so healthy. Chelation saved my life"
Margaret Feldman
Age 42
"My blood pressure was as high as 220/165 with severe angina, loss of sight in one eye, and I was headed for bypass surgery. I had heard of chelation and chose to try it instead of the bypass surgery. Now my blood pressure holds steady at a normal level of 120/78, the angina was gone after only the 5th treatment, and my vision is better than ever. I have a healthy and active life ahead of me."
John Clark
Age 57

Good health will always be the greatest form of wealth

At Advanced Natural Medicine of Jupiter, it is our belief that anything is possible.  When dealing with health concerns, issues, or ailments, it can be a daunting feeling trying to see yourself climb over, back to the other side.  However, we are here to assure you that with the proper care, treatment, and natural remedy coupled with the experience and faith of Dr. Michelle Massa and our team, your greatest days can still be in front of you.

Dr. Michelle Carrillo-Massa

I look forward to the opportunity of personally working with you, whether your goal is to overcome serious illness, to avoid costly and painful surgery, to achieve super energy and vitality, or to begin taking preventive steps today as a hedge against a debilitating and life-altering health problem in the future.

Dr. Michelle Massa