Meet the Team

Dr. Michelle Carrillo-Massa

Dr. Michelle Carrillo‑Massa is a board certified Family Medicine physician and owner/operator of Advanced Natural Medicine located in Jupiter, Florida.


Randy Lundi

Captain Lundi is a veteran Army Nurse Crops Officer serving on active duty and as a reserve officer specialist for 11 years.

IV Nurse

Maddie Miller

Madeline is a paramedic who graduated from Medical Career Academy, where she attended 1,104 hours of training for emergency care.


Alicia Dunable

Alicia Dunable is a Florida native active in health and wellness, working 10 years as a licensed professional counselor and obtaining a certification with the Nutritional Therapy Association.


Gretchen Heinrich

Gretchen is a mom of two from Jupiter, Florida. She is passionate about living a healthy, natural lifestyle through wellness, intuitive living and self-care. Gretchen’s further desires to help others and is a registered CNA. She also volunteers as Secretary for a non-profit organization she chooses to support.
IV nurse

Liz Sandt

Liz has over 20 years of experience as a RN working in surgical, cath lab, and ER most recently before leaving hospital nursing and transitioning to holistic and functional medicine.

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