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Showing What Can Be Done, Through Natural Medicine

“For 10 years my arthritis was bad and getting worse. After chelation my arms, shoulders and hands are loose and I have feeling in them again. My legs are loose and I can stand up and walk without pain for the first time in years. Chelation is what has accomplished this miracle!“
Robert Cunningham
age 78
“Before chelation therapy I had such angina that I would need 5-6 Nitroglycerin Sprays daily. After only my 10th treatment I no longer have pain or need the medicine. I can now walk the dogs and feel great!“
Erwin Kidd
age 65
“After only 17 chelation treatments, I was able to get off my Procardia and Diazide because my blood pressure had come down to such an excellent low level!“
Jim Walker
age 65
“16 years ago my doctor recommended that I do chelation therapy for PREVENTION, and I continue with periodical booster-maintenance treatments. Since then I have had excellent health, and have so much energy that people in their 20s ask me how I do it! I still work and lead a very active life. I owe it all to chelation!“
Midge Cramer
age 82
“Two years ago I had a stroke and my doctor said there was a good chance I wouldn’t speak, walk or use my arm again. After chelation I now walk and exercise almost normally, and often speak in front of large groups of people. I am off Coumadin and Lasix, my cholesterol dropped 100 points, and we travel. Chelation therapy has given me my life back!“
Phyllis Sutterby
age 66
“I couldn’t dance or swim without chest pain. Now I can dance all night and swim 45 minutes after just 4 chelations!“
Jackie Woolfe
Jupiter, FL