Alicia Dunable

Alicia Dunable is a Florida native and has always been involved in wellness, alternative medicine, and the helping profession. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and after 10 years of being a licensed professional counselor in the Atlanta area, took some time to focus on marriage and family. She has previously taught children’s nature, education, and yoga classes and is currently focusing on expanding her expertise in nutritional therapy. She has a certification with the Nutritional Therapy Association and is now working towards her certification in Bio-Individual Nutrition, with a pediatric specialty. When not working at the front desk or studying, she is busy playing tennis, practicing yoga, enjoying family, and getting creative in the kitchen. She is married to a yacht captain named Ben, and they have a beautifully spirited 8 year old boy named Aiden, and a 2 year old sweetheart rescue dog named Bodhi.

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